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End the Red Light Camera Program

A Petition to my County Legislator

WHEREAS: the red light camera program raises serious issues regarding due process, privacy and civil liberties; and

WHEREAS: the red light camera program has created a profit-driven incentive that compromises its intended purpose; and

WHEREAS: the owner and/or registrant of the vehicle is held liable to paying the ticket and not the operator of the vehicle during the time the infraction occurred; and

WHEREAS: there is evidence to suggest that red light cameras do not substantially improve road safety, as shown through reports ordered by the County; and

THEREFORE: We, the undersigned, respectfully urge the County Legislature to OPPOSE the reauthorization of the Red Light Camera contract and call for the immediate removal of these systems from our roadways. Let us focus on comprehensive and effective solutions to address dangerous driving while respecting Long Islanders' right to privacy and due process.

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